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          About the Author

Carla, a native Ecuadorian, has dedicated her life to fighting for human and natural rights since her student years. In 2013, she initiated a student group to mobilize against the exploitation of one of the world’s most diverse places, the Yasuni. As she delved deeper into the issue, she recognized the powerful anti-abortion lobby and conservative society, and decided to fight for the decriminalization of abortion. In 2017, she moved to Munich where she began her career at the prestigious University of Munich, focusing on the environmental, historical, cultural, political, economic and social relations between countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, especially courses on Latin America and issues related to development. Carla’s passion for creating a better world for all is evident in her tireless dedication to fighting for human and natural rights.

This page is dedicated to remembering and honoring the indigenous populations, who were victims of a disaster caused by negligence. It also raise awareness about how the emissions and activities of developed countries are contributing to the crisis, and the urgent need to take action to address the climate crisis and its consequences.